Astounding Grounds Ltd

are a Manchester based

landscape gardening company.

A short while back, we got tired of calling ourselves ‘landscape gardeners’ and decided that we we working above that tag line, and that art, design and idea development with clients, was quintessential to our work, ethos and continued growth and success in creating beautiful gardens.

We started to call ourselves ‘landscape artists’. Astounding Grounds Landscape Artists… your garden is our canvas.

From the design and planning stages, we work together with our clients to complete the perfect garden. With no shortage of ideas, we will grasp the exact concept you are looking for in your garden, execute it beyond your expectations and bring life to your outdoor space. Attention to detail is paramount for us, so the finished landscape of your garden will be not only a paradise for you, but will make each Astounding Grounds team member proud of what we have achieved. We are after all, only as good as our last job.

Don’t hesitate to reach out!

    Really good job done resourcefully and well. Good communication from start to finish. Very pleased with it.

    Margaret Humphries

    Loved the work Matt and his team did for us. New decking looks so good we are having some more done at the back of the garden. Very reliable and quality work!

    Laney Howting

    Hats off, weather was awful and the garden needed loads of work. Full fence, and garden down with great results.

    Robert Kerr

    Absolutely love what Mat and his team have done, widened the drive, rebuilt garden wall with reclaimed bricks. I’m now looking to have the back garden made over. Can’t recommend enough

    Debby Duplex